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ACT Review Testimonials

The ACT Review specializes in offering quality ACT test prep courses and tutoring in the Columbus, Ohio region.  Although we cannot guarantee improvement, our students have had much success.
Here's what some of them have to say... 
(Clients have given us permission to use their testimonials & names)


  • There is no better value than The ACT Review.  Three of my children have attended this course.  Two of my children increased their ACT score by 4 points and one child increased 3 points...29 to 32!  The two day Sunday course worked really well. I just registered my fourth child for an upcoming course.
    Bridget Cargin, Parent of St. Francis De Sales and St. Charles students


  • The ACT Review course is money well spent.  Not only did my daughter enjoy the course, but also her composite score increased by 5 points from a 28 to 33.  
    Nancy Robinson, Parent of Bishop Hartley student


  • The first time she took your class, she raised her score by 4 points.  She raised it 3 more points after the second time for a total of 7 points raised!  She has been accepted to every college she's applied to with scholarship. Thanks!
    Jodi Overfield, Parent of Pickerington North student


  • The ACT Review is a great value. My son took the course at Reynoldsburg High School and increased his score 6 points!  He received a full ride to University of Cincinnati. Thank you.
    Latasha Turner, Parent of Reynoldsburg student


  • After attending your two day ACT course, my son increased his score from a 24 to a 29! 
    Susie Kessler, Parent of Olentangy Liberty student


  • Thank you for offering a quality ACT course at an affordable price.  My son increased his score by 6 points......28 to 34.  Thank you once again.
    Theresa French, Parent of a St. Charles Student


  • I recently took the prep course at Capital with Dr. Dailey and my composite score improved five points from a 25 to a 30! I just wanted to thank you for helping me improve my score. I can't help but think this course was a huge factor.
    Isaac Roese, New Hope Christian Academy student


  • I thought you might like some feedback on your most recent class.   We are very pleased that Noah’s score increased from a 31 to a 34!   Additionally, he increased his scores in each section with the biggest improvement in the math section.  He went from a 26 to a 31.
    Lisa Weaver, Parent of Bishop Watterson student


  • Grant attended The ACT Review's course at his high school and increased his score from a 25 to a 29.  He attended the same course again to try to better his score and increased from a 29 to a  30.  Thank you!
    Julie Hagglund, Parent of Westerville Central student


  • We just wanted to let you know that our daughter, Emma Davis, received a 28 on the December ACT test.  This is an increase from her previous 23.  Her science score increased from 22 to 30.  We are thrilled with these results.  Dr. Dailey did a phenomenal job!

    Ed and Judy Davis, Parents of Hilliard Bradley student


  • Thank you for squeezing Evan into the ACT class! He went from a 32 to a 34 and is very happy!!
    Beth Bidstrup, Parent of Olentangy Orange student


  • I would like to thank you guys so much! The first time I took the ACT I got an 25. After your course, I got a 30! I am very grateful to your organization for helping me achieve such a high score
    Montgomery Gray, Metro High School student


  • The ACT review sessions were very helpful for my son who is currently a junior and took the course this fall in preparation for the September ACT. He had already taken the ACT once before, and after he took the review sessions, his science score went up by 11 points and his math score increased 5 points!! It's not just the content being taught that makes this course helpful. The test-taking strategies by the teacher who is an expert at the format and style of the ACT test are also an invaluable resource. 
    Becky Old, Parent of Bexley student


  • Jessica increased her score from a 25 to a 29 after attending your ACT Review course.    She was accepted into all four of the schools which she applied.  Thank you!
    Jill Lowry, Parent of Pickerington North student


  • My son increased his score by 4 points, from a 26 to a 30, after attending your Westerville ACT Review course.  This increase in his score provided scholarship opportunities previously unavailable.  Thank you!
    Jennifer Stills, Parent of Westerville Central student


  • The ACT Review is a great value!  My son increased his composite score 3 points after attending the two day course.
    Shelley Wessels, Parent of Westerville Central student


  • My daughter took your February 2015 course and increased her score from a 21 to a 26! Thanks.
    Jim Brown, Parent of New Albany student 


  • Your course helped Taryn increase her score by 4 points!  Thanks.
    Lori Stanley, Parent of Hilliard Bradley student


  • My daughter increased her ACT score 5 points from a 24 to a 29 after taking your two day ACT Review course.
    Tonni Yocum, Parent of Warren JFK Catholic student


  • Haylie increased her score 3 points.  The increase in test score enabled her to attend her first choice of schools.  She is now attending The Ohio State University.

    Jackie Reich, Parent of Brunswick High School student


  • My son increased his score from a 20 to a 26 after taking your course.  Thanks.
    Judy Earman, Parent of Olentangy Liberty student


  • My son's composite score increased by 4 points...22 to 26.  Thank you.
    Roland Brooks, Parent of Hilliard Davidson student


  • I had a 26 on the ACT until I took The ACT Review, and I improved every section and had a composite
    score of 30! Thank you so much.
    Zachary Goodchild, Pickerington North student


  • My son took the ACT review two day course, completed the drills & improved his score by 8 points! 
    He went from a 17 to a 25. 
    Karen Grace, Parent of Reynoldsburg student


  • Fantastic news!  John's ACT score was a 34! His previous high on the ACT was a 29.  He got a 36 in the Science; his previous best was a 26. Same result in English. He went from a 27 to 35!  His two previous weakest areas were his highest scores! Thanks, I will recommend you to other parents and teachers.  I will let John's counselor know.  He told me about your class.
    Mitch Huff, Parent of Pickerington North student

  • Nick has tremendous success with The ACT Review.  After a combination of attending the two day course and tutoring, he picked up a total of 4 points - 27 to 31 - and has been accepted to The Ohio State University.
    Kari Teknos, Parent of St. Charles student


  • Our son is in the home stretch and will graduate with his degree in engineering in the Spring.  From this vantage point, the ACT might seem like a distant memory, but his success on that single test determined not onl eligibility for scholarship, but also entry to a culture of success. With your help, he improved his score by 4 points in just two sessions.
    Mindy Ridgeway, Parent of Grandview student


  • Just wanted to share with you how pleased we were with the review class.  Our son scored a 19 in April.  After attending your October review class and doing the assigned drills, he brought his score up to a 22.  The math portion in particular was very helpful to him.  The jump in score will most likely make all the difference in college admission.  Thank you so much for offering such a great review course that actually produces results.
    Kristina Burnside, Parent of Bloom Carroll student


  • My son improved his score by 5 points on the ACT.  We can’t help but think this was a huge factor in his being accepted at all four of the schools he applied to.  Thank you for providing such a great service.
    Marilyn Nimz, Parent of Upper Arlington student


  • My daughter took the August review course and improved her score by 11 points!  She had a 15 and scored a 26 on the September ACT exam.  I believe that the review course made a huge difference.
    I will recommend this course to others. Thanks so much!
    Yahna Smith, Parent of Westerville student (note: This is an atypical result)


  • My son's overall score increased by 4 points from a 28 to a 32 after attending your two day course.  He felt confident and very well prepared going into his ACT.  The study and test taking skills he learned were are directly applicable to the test, and his pre-test checklist was an excellent planning aid.  I highly recommend this course to any student who's committed to successfully improving ACT performance.
    Alexa Robinson-O'Neill, Parent of Granville student


  • Hayley had tremendous success after attending the two day course by The ACT Review.  Her score increased from a 27 to a 29!
    Pamela Harmon, Parent of Olentangy student


  • My daughter's ACT score improved from a 26 to a 30 after taking your course.  This gave her $19,000 in academic scholarships toward her college! Thanks so much!
    Lisa Espenschied, Parent of Hilliard Bradley student


  • After taking this ACT Review course my daughter Jessica improved her ACT score from a 28 to a 31.  I wish everyone could have seen the joy in her eyes as she came running to us with her laptop so happy with her results.  As parents, we are very impressed with our daughter's success and we have Lynn to thank for helping with this success.  Our son will soon be registering to take this course.
    Rod and Cindy Osburn, Parent of Big Walnut student


  • My son's composite score increased by 3 points after your assistance... from a 29 to 32.  Thank you.
    Amy Gordon, Parent of Lancaster High School student


  • Clayton attended your Olentangy Orange ACT Boot Camp. As demonstrated by Clayton's success, the course was worth the money.  His composite score increased from a 26 to a 29 - a 3 point increase.
    Susan Horvath, Parent of Olentangy Orange student


  • My son took the ACT twice, with no increase in his overall ACT score.  He is a 4.0 student, but not a great test taker.  Matthew attended the ACT Review and was able to increase his overall score by 4 points, from a 25 to a 29!  This score helped him receive a scholarship at OSU.
    Linda Wolfe, Parent of Metro School student


  • Zack improved from a 26 to a 30! This increase in ACT score allowed Zack to get $4,000 a semester for a total of $32,000 in academic award to BGSU where he is heading in the fall. Thanks!
    Bryan St. John, Parent of Hilliard Darby student


  • I wanted to let you know that we received the results back today from Wyatt's ACT test.  His overall score increased by 5 points.  Please pass along our thanks to Professor Dailey.
    Tony Applegate, Parent of Bishop Watterson student


  • We wanted to thank you for your ACT review course!! Our son first scored a 23 then a 22 the second time.  After your course, and after completing all of your drills, he scored a 28!  We now feel very confident that he will be accepted into his first college choice.
    Lisa Baumann, Parent of Pickerington North student


  • My son took The ACT Review course.  Upon completing the course, his score increased
    by 2 points- 29 to a 31!
    Janine Conway, Parent of West Jefferson student


  • My daughter's score increased 4 points after attending The ACT Review course. 
    Thank you for offering the course.
    Amy Rice, Parent of Warren Local student


  • I had heard good things about the course offered by The ACT Review.  I enrolled my son based on a recommendation.  After completing the course, my son's composite increased by 3 points.  Taking the course made a huge difference in his performance on the test.
    Marty Ross-Dolen, Parent of Bexley student


  • Well something worked.  My son's score increased 4 points from a composite of 27 to a 31.  The two day ACT course was perfectfor him...concentrated and short.  After the first day he came home and said, "Now I get it."  His twin brother, who did NOT take the course, improved 1 point on the same test.
    John Scherer, Parent of Olentangy Liberty student


  • Matt's first attempt was a solid 30 composite, but following attendance at the August ACT course, he scored a 33 composite! English went from a 26 to a 29, and Math was a huge improvement from a 28 to a 35. Matt really enjoyed the format in which the material was presented, as well as the take-away practice materials. Thank you very much for the excellent prep and practice material.  I would definitely recommend your course to any parent looking for a course for their child to attend. 
    Michael Hill, Parent of Fairfield Union student


  • The ACT composite improved 2 points thanks to Lynn's help.  She scored a 32!
    Alan Muench, Parent of Big Walnut student


  • Meghan's score increased 5 points - from a 24 to a 29.  I am convinced the ACT Review was a major factor in her increased score.
    Juan Rivera, Parent of Bishop Ready student


  • My daughter took your ACT prep class last November.  She then took the test immediately following.  She improved by 3-5 points in each section.  I thought that was great!  However, she is very hard on herself and thought she could do better.  She took the exam again earlier this month.  She diligently went over all your strategies and studied for a solid week.  I am happy to tell you that she received a 31 composite score!!!!!  This means a full scholarship to one of the universities that we visited this past winter.  I am so thankful for coming across your course offering.  I am going to strongly recommend it to everyone I know.  Please pass my gratitude along to Lynn.  Thank you for helping to change the lives of young people!
    Laurin Fix, Parent of Pickerington North student


  • Our daughter’s composite score rose 6 points after taking the ACT Review course.  Her science score went up seven points and her reading score went up eleven points!  She was so happy she jumped up and down like a little kid.  This has been a huge boost to her confidence.  All her “reach” schools are now “matches.”  She attributes her success to the strategies she learned at ACT Review.
    Traci Lawson, Parent of Bexley student


  • I took your tutoring program (4 hours of individual tutoring) after I scored a 20 on my first ACT.  After having the tutoring, I improvedon all subjects!  I continued to study all the material Lynn gave me, and on my 2nd and 3rd time, I scored a 24.  On the 4th time, I scored a 26.  I ultimately raised my score by 6 points.  I thank you guys so much because now my life can reach so many different levels, and it is all because of you. 
    Thank you!
    Jon Kuntz, West Liberty-Salem student


  • Kaitlyn increased her score 5 points!!  We are so excited and I give so much of the credit to you. There is no way she could have done it without your tutoring!
    Jennifer Aldinger, Parent of Dublin student


  • My son's score increased 4 points after attending your ACT Review course.
    Cindy Rasul, Parent of Hilliard Davidson student


  • I would like to take a moment to thank you for your help, Dr. Dailey.  After taking your course, my ACT improved 4 points, and my SAT score improved by 200 points.  I think your course helped me greatly.
    J. Evan Smith, Pickerington North student


  • Taylor received her test scores, and her composite score went up 3 points from the past two tests.  Thank you so much for putting this type of course together for students.
    Debbie Knore, Parent of Pickerington North student

  • My daughter increased her composite score from a 32 to a 33.  I realize that the higher the starting score is the harder it is to increase.  Every point means lots of scholarship money potentially.  I definitely think the class was worth the  money.
    Missi Grove, Parent of Colonel Crawford student

  • We were very pleased with the ACT Review tutoring our daughter took.  The scheduling was very convenient as Lynn came to our house to instruct our daughter.  Our daughter increased her composite ACT test score by 4 points with the help of the private tutoring.  Thanks again for contributing to her success and helping to increase her potential opportunities in the college search process.
    Jack Arvia, Parent of Dublin Jerome student

  • We received Nick's ACT Test results today and we couldn't be more pleased. His composite score is a 30 which is a whopping 6 points above his last test score. We knew he had it in him but it took you to bring it out. He was very impressed with your tutoring and gained a lot of confidence in himself before taking the test.
    Barb and Dennis Crist, Parent of Circleville student

  • My son increased his score by 2 points after the ACT Review course.  Scoring a 31 helped him get into the school of his choice - Cornell.
    Terri Rose, Parent of Olentangy Orange student

  • We especially wanted to share the good news with you and give you some credit! The big and happy news is that today he found out he scored a 28! That's 3 points higher than his previous score. You broke through prideful boundaries quickly and got them down to the business of learning so well! As homeschoolers we take every aspect of our children's education seriously. The ACT Review has been a completely positive experience for us as a homeschooling family. You were flexible with our homeschool schedule and respected our vision and goals for our son. You worked with him at his current level and evaluated his strengths and weaknesses effectively. Your teaching style was professional and warm. Your teaching and tutoring definitely helped him reach a goal he had for himself. He's been admitted to the 3 colleges he applied to with several scholarship opportunities at each!
    Beth Gallagher, Parent of homeschool student

  • My daughter Paige took the ACT twice.  She took the class after taking the first test.  Her score improved by 5 points after taking the class.  She was very pleased with all the tips and hints regarding the test.  She also enjoyed the teaching style of the instructor.  Paige was so pleased with her score she didn't even want to try to take it again.  Our tuition will be reduced by half with the academic scholarship she recieved.  Our next daughter is already enrolled in the May class.  Thanks for making such a difference! 
    Cindy M., Parent of Pickerington Central student

  • My son increase his score by 6 points.  As a result, he has been accepted to The Ohio State University main campus in Fall of 2015.
    Parent of Westerville student

  • I wanted to let you know that my son increased his score from a 25 to a 29 after attending your ACT preparation course.  Thanks!
    Parent of St. Charles student

  • Our son took your two day course for the June 2010 ACT, and we just received his test scores. Our son's composite scoreincreased by 3 points. The biggest improvements were his subscores - English (5 points), Math (4 points) and Reading (3 points). When our son was preparing for the ACT, the drills from your course were very helpful. The improvement in our son's score has given him great confidence, and these scores will allow our son to skip any entrance exams for his concurrent enrollment for his senior year. I highly recommend this course to any parent looking for strong results at a reasonable price. The professor who teaches this course really cares about the students, and I believe she can reach any type of learner.
    Parent of Pickerington homeschool student

  • Because of the ACT Review workshop, my daughter's ACT score earned her a full ride academic scholarship.  This $250 I invested in the workshop turned into a $96,000 reward.  Hallelujah!!  My daughter had been struggling with the ACT test, her scores going down each of the last two times she took the test.  She did the ACT Review workshop and the homework that was offered and raised her score 4 points.  I am thrilled!  Money well-spent!
    Parent of a Mount Vernon High School student

  • My daughter just completed your ACT Review course.  We wanted to let you know that her English score went up from a 16 to 23.  Her reading and math scores both went up by 2 points.  She went from an overall 22 to 25.  Thank you so much.
    Julie H., Parent of Hilliard Bradley student 

  • I would like to take the time to express how pleased we are with the results of the ACT Review course. My son increased his score by 6 points after taking this class. The class helped him prepare for the test, and he felt more confident when taking it. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to improve on their test score.
    Parent of Westlake student

  • I wanted you to know that he went from a 17 the last time to a 22. He wants to take it again after the first of the year, and we will call you to do another one on one session with him. Thank you for all of your help!!
    Parent, Individual Tutoring

  • I wanted to let you know that we looked our daughter's score up on-line, and she got a 23. She went up 4 points!!! Thank you so much!
    Parent of Pickerington student

  • He actually improved 3-points overall on his ACTs. His total composite score went from an 18 to a 21. He showed significant improvement in his area breakdown scores which I thought was excellent.
    Parent of Hartley student

  • The most dramatic result was his English Grammar score. This subject has always been his weakest point. Following the first 'ACT Review' session, he noted that he had learned more in those 8 hours than he had his entire high school career. It showed - his English score raised a total of 8 points!
    Parent of Harvest Prep student

  • I just wanted to thank you for your help. I scored 5 points higher this time on the test (from a 25 to a 30). The ACT class really helped me get the score that I needed.
    New Albany student

  • My son increased his ACT score by 5 points. This affordable class gave him the confidence he needed. Taking the class prior to the test was very beneficial.
    Parent of Hilliard Darby student

  • After taking your course, I was able to get a 22 on the ACT. When I took it the first time, I received an 18. Thanks for the help.
    Dublin student

  • By taking the ACT Review course, our daughter increased her score from a 20 to a 25. This resulted in her receiving a $12,000.00 per year scholarship for which otherwise she would not have been eligible. We had a huge return on our investment!
    Parent of Hilliard Darby student

  • We discovered the ACT Review at a local college fair, almost by accident. After attending the ACT Review program, our daughter's ACT score showed a significant improvement of 4 points when she took the test the second time. Since then she has been accepted for the study of her desired major at the college her choice. We are very grateful to the ACT Review for helping to make this happen and are happy to recommend the program to any student desiring to improve their test score.
    Parent of Fisher Catholic student

  • My daughter increased her composite score by 4 points. I highly recommend this course for anyone who plans on taking the ACT. It is a thorough review of the content covered in the ACT and solid test taking techniques are covered.
    Principal of Fairfield County High School

  • The ACT Review course provided our daughter with the information needed to increase her ACT score 3 points. The practice tests and the time provided by the instructors were just what she needed. Students are extremely busy with high school courses, work, and extra-curricular activities, and it was extremely nice that she could complete this college preparation course on only two Sundays. She is off to the college of her choice in the fall.
    Parent of Hilliard student

  • We looked into the national test prep programs and found that they were all very expensive. The value of The ACT Review's program goes beyond their price; it is in their results. My daughter experienced a 6 - point increase in her ACT test score after attending The ACT Review's course. Her score not only got her accepted into the Honors Program at The Ohio State University, but she also received scholarship money. I feel her success is directly attributed to The ACT Review.
    Parent of Worthington Christian student

"We couldn't be more pleased. 
Nick's composite score is a 30 which is a whopping 6 points above his last score."

 Barb and Dennis Crist, Circleville


"The ACT Review course is money well spent.  Not only did my daughter enjoy the course, but also her composite score increased by 5 points from a 28 to 33."  
  Nancy Robinson, Bishop Hartley


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